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Changes To Parking Permits In Collingswood

Did you receive a yellow love letter from the Collingswood Police Department this week?  ~We did.

We have had a resident’s permit since 2012 so that we can park one car on the street due to our small, shared driveway situation. We did not receive a notification from the township and others on our street were confused since they also had resident permits.

All previous parking permits are void- and new permits must be acquired every year. These changes are effective March 31, 2016.

All Current Available Information About The Overnight Parking Rules Here

Official Parking Restrictions

Borough ordinance 293-21 prohibits any vehicle from being parked on any public street from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. without the proper parking permit.  An overnight parking permit application can be obtained from police headquarters. Those individuals, that require to leave their vehicles in the street during the above described times may report that the vehicle will be left on the roadway at


What do you think? Did you receive notification about this change? Did you also receive a warning and how are you adapting until you can get your replacement permit?