Survey Results For Pros and Cons of Backyard Chickens and Air Bnb in Collingswood, NJ

On October 1, 2018 the results from the September 2018 survey regarding comments and opinions surrounding the issues Backyard Chickens and AirBnb in Collingswood, NJ were shared with the Commissioners.

We had hosted the survey on this website for 12 days allowing anyone to leave their opinions on these topics and additional points. We had over 200 responses on the survey! (wow)

The result is that the Commissioners, though being nonspecific in their answer, are still a “no” on Backyard Chickens in Collingswood. The consensus seems to be that since there are still residents who do not want for their neighbors to potentially have chickens, the Commissioners cannot approve the proposed pilot program.

Some data from the Poll Results for Backyard Chickens

Some date from the Poll Results for Air Bnb


I am happy to be able to run the poll. I am proud to bring the information with me to meetings and share the opinions of those who take the time to share their thoughts and feelings based on their life experience- even if they differ from my own feelings on the matter.

The purpose of the survey is to provide anecdotal information to the town’s leadership. Many who shared their thoughts on the survey DID come out for the BOC meeting, sometimes people are not able to do that. Furthermore, some may have reluctance to reach out to the Commissioners directly for a variety of reasons. So thank you for trusting me with your ideas.

Click here for the poll report!


Footage from the 10/1/2018 Board of Commissioners Meeting

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