Overnight Street Parking Survey Collingswood October 2018 Results

Survey Results For Overnight Parking Rule in Collingswood, NJ

On November 5, 2018, the results from the October 2018 survey regarding comments and opinions surrounding the overnight parking restriction in Collingswood, NJ were shared with the Commissioners.

We had hosted the survey on this website for 30 days allowing anyone to leave their opinions on this topic with the question

What is the #1 biggest issue in regards to overnight street parking in Collingswood, NJ?

There were  140 responses to the survey.

The results were also shared with Police Chief Carey so that specific issues and ideas could be shared (without the participants’ contact information).


To Call In A Guest’s Vehicle Or To Call Your Own Vehicle Due While Waiting On Your Permit Or If Your Driveway Is Not Accessible:
ext. 590

Some data from the Poll Results

About the Survey Participants:
93% claim to be current residents of Collingswood.

Is There A Problem with Overnight Street Parking?

12% of Participants reported NO problem with the current system.

25% of Out-of-town participants reported no problem with the current system. 16% of Current Residents reported no problem with the current system.


Many Participants Had Specific Recommendations To Improve The Current System

Enforcement Being Uniform And Consistent Was The #1 Suggestion (20%)

10% of respondents said that better communication is needed. Whether it is more street signs, more notifications for new residents, or continued outreach into the community about the importance of the rule.

Another commonly mentioned problem is that the rule is spread across the town evenly, but that some areas need more enforcement in areas where visitors are parking in permit-only spaces, or areas that are not as densely populated also have issues with acquiring parking permits.

Other issues with the current system included:

  • Technical problems when trying to call in a guest’s vehicle
  • Short-term permits should be an option (when having work done at the home which limits access to a driveway or when students are on break)
  • That the Borough’s website should be updated to allow for easy permit applications and reporting overnight guests
  • That residents are concerned with how fairly permits are issued
  • Suggestions that lines should be added to side streets with a high volume of street parking to maximize the area available to park and to avoid blocking driveways.

Residents Should Be Able To Park In Front Of Their Own Home

Was a common sentiment (9% of residents specifically mentioned this idea)

Why A Survey?

I am happy to be able to run the poll. I am proud to bring the information with me to meetings and share the opinions of those who take the time to share their thoughts and feelings based on their life experience- even if they differ from my own feelings on the matter.

The purpose of the survey is to provide anecdotal information to the town’s leadership. Many who shared their thoughts on the survey do come out for the BOC meetings and let their opinions be known via other methods. However, sometimes people are not able to do that. Furthermore, some may have the reluctance to reach out to the Commissioners directly for a variety of reasons. So thank you for trusting me with your ideas.

11% of Survey Respondents Think That Collingswood Should Do Away With The Overnight Parking Restriction.

What do you think? Add your thoughts to the comments below.

Oct 2018 Parking Survey Results


Footage from the 10/1/2018 Board of Commissioners Meeting

4 thoughts on “Survey Results For Overnight Parking Rule in Collingswood, NJ”

  1. It depends on the reason for the ban on overnight parking without a permit in the streets of Collingswood. Is it to make more room for emergency vehicles? If that is so… then access is needed 24 hrs a day and not just for a few hours a night. Many communities have solved this problem with one side of the street parking only. When I moved here, I was told that it was because people were abandoning stolen vehicles in our streets. I don’t think that’s a problem anymore, so that would make this rule obsolete. Our community has changed a lot since I moved here and I don’t think vehicle abandonment has been an issue for the last 20 or so years.

    1. Many of us who live near the Speedline have people park in front of our homes all day, and often into the evening if they work longer shifts or just hanging out in town after work.
      Sometimes, when they are traveling via the Speedline to the airport or 30th St. Station, they leave their cars in front of our homes for days, or would if they could without overnight parking restrictions. All of which adds up to my support for overnight parking restrictions. What I would add to this conversation is that PATCO needs to add more parking for commuters so that those of us who live on Atlantic and Park and all of the nearby side streets can park in front of our houses during the day if and when we need to. In that I have lived in my house near the train for 35+ years, I can absolutely attest to the fact that more people are using the train than every before, which is great, but which also means I often cannot park in front of my own home. I certainly can never count on being able to do so, especially when school is in session at Zane North and Good Shepherd. Some of the smaller side streets with row homes directly across from the Station already have permit only parking ~ the effectiveness of which I have no first hand knowledge of. Permit only parking on Atlantic and Park is probably impractical, so again I would suggest that PATCO needs to do something to help relieve our parking problems here in this part of town.

  2. I wish I had been able to vote on this issue as I was unaware of the poll. I would love to pay a fee and get a yearly parking permit. I cannot because I have a driveway. Jockeying cars is an unnecessary nuisance!

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