a sign in collingswood nj showing overnight parking restrition

Overnight Parking… Continued

The Collingswood Police department has begun ticketing vehicles parked on the street between the hours of 2 am and 6 am. I am hoping to get feedback from neighbors about the parking rules and how they are affecting you.

We were not able to get a new parking permit because my spouse did not have a copy of my vehicle registration (it is parked off-street) so his application was incomplete.

The borough’s website says that completed applications along with copies of the vehicle registrations may be emailed to police@collingswood.com. In speaking with other residents both online and in person, I have seen that many are questioning where the signs are actually posted showing this restriction.

So I’ve started a map, feel free to add to the map or email me, with a picture of the sign and description of where it is located so that it can be added to the map.

Collingswood, NJ Overnight Parking Restriction Signs Map