[Notes] Collingswood Town Forum Police and Fire Community Meeting 12/5/18

Collingswood Senior Community Center Ballroom – 2nd Floor


6:41 pm


Chiefs Carey (Police) and Davis (Fire) both reviewed the current facilities

Financial Advisor finalizing the plan for funding, bonds and timing

slight changes for floor plans seen this time

Parking across Zane has not been fully secured at the United Methodist Communities at Collingswood

Goal is for building to be LEED certified and FITWEL

The stormwater management is going to be a big deal for starting the project

Newton Creek Watershed group worries about errosion and flooding into Newton Creek with the displaced water.

Financial Advisor Reported

Certification is the last steps- removal of environmental concerns is still ongoing for the current owners

Public Comment:

  • A resident had concerns about the bus stop
  • The property owner of the apartments is concerned with how close the building is to the property line

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