Collingswood Neighbors for Change

Collingswood Public Library

January 10, 2019 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


Name, issues or areas of interest

Airbnb recap and update

Data collected, information from the Commissioners and Collingswood Neighbors for Change Meetings.

Working Sessions/ Public Caucuses Overview

Members were attending other town’s sessions over the past couple of weeks. Schedule for more meetings will be shared.

OPMA/ Walsh Act

What is OPMA?

What is the Walsh Act?

From Wikipedia: The Walsh Act

More about A Board of Commissioners

Does Collingswood have a problem with transparency? _ K to write Op-ed?

CNC Communication Plan

How will we communicate with other members?

Action List

  • Write Op-Eds
  • Write content for website?
  • Start keeping minutes from Board of Commissioner Meetings
  • Look for speaking engagements
  • Visit other town meetings


Next meeting TBD based on Valentine’s Day holiday conflict.

This page is post-dated. Original publication date 2/11/2019