[Notes] Collingswood Board of Commissioners Meeting 9/10/2018

Collingswood Senior Community Center Ballroom- 2nd Floor

9/10/2018 7:00 pm

The Complete Agenda May Be Seen Here

The Clerk’s Meeting Minutes May Be Seen Here

Ordinances for this meeting:

1644 –  Requirements for Wheelchair Ramps

Bond Ordinance 2016-1590 – Expansion of use for the bond

Bond Ordinance 2016-1608 – Supplemental funding for water utility renovations

Salary Ordinance update for Acting Public Works Superintendent 

Amendment to Chapter 141 Section 13 of Borough Code: Schedule of Zoning Board Escrow Sums

Additional Salary Ordinance Document Here

Other Agenda Items:

144. Appointing Kevin Carey as Acting Public Works Superintendent

145. Authorize Purchase Under State Contract-
Dump Truck

146. Authorizing the Solicitation of Bids for the 2018 Municipal Roadway Project

147. Authorize Refund of Water Overpayment
Authorize Refund of Tax Over Payments
148. Block 70 Lot 6
149. Block 12 Lot 8

150. Bank Depository – South Jersey Federal Credit Union

151. Updating the Borough’s Employment Practices Liability Insurance Risk Management/Loss
Control Plan

152. Affirming the Borough of Collingswood’s Civil Rights Policy

Authorize a Performance Guarantee Release-
153. 101 Woodlawn Terrace
154. 801 Haddon Ave.

155. Authorizes a Grant Application To The New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection –
Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund For The 610 Harrison Avenue Site

156. Approving Payment of Bills as Presented by the Treasurer

157. Authorizing a Remediation Lien for 117 Penn Avenue-Tank Removal

158. Authorizing to Advertise for a RFP- Bike Path Pedestrian Safety Grant Consultant-

Notes On Agenda Items:

A Bike Path and Pedestrian Safety Grand is underway in partnership with Haddon Heights

Public Comment Highlights:

There was a higher attendance for this meeting with members of the community to speak for or against the Commissioners making decisions on Ordinances for

  • Airbnb
  • Backyard Hens

J.F. shared concerns regarding sound from PATCO speedline tracks in Collingswood. Mayor Maley said that the Borough has reached out, but advised residents to also register complaints about the screeching section of tracks to the Delaware River Port Authority.

A detailed view of this month’s public comment can be seen in the Minutes kept by the Borough Clerk.

Once the Public Comment section was closed by the Mayor, responses from the members of the Board of Commissioners ensued. Please see the Minutes kept by the Borough Clerk and the Recorded Live Stream video below for more detail on what was said to residents.

The next meeting of the Collingswood Board of Commissioners will be on Monday 10/1/2018 at 7pm at the Collingswood Senior Community Center

Watch To Recorded Live Stream Here:

This post is postdated. Originally published to this website on 2/21/2019