[Notes] Collingswood Board of Commissioners Meeting 12/3/2018

Collingswood Senior Community Center Ballroom- 2nd Floor

12/3/2018 7:00 pm

The Complete Agenda May Be Seen Here

Ordinances for this meeting:

1649 Amd. Salary Ordinance 1647 – Carey – DPW 1650 2019 Salary Ordinance. 1651 WATER RATES 1652 Amd Ch 293 Parking Collingswood Arms Parking 1653 Amd Ch 141 development Regs lights 1654 Salary Ordinance – Senior Center Director

Notes On Agenda Items:

Second Reading and Public Hearing of Ordinance 1649 Amending Salary Ordinance 1647

Second Reading and Public Hearing of Ordinance 1650 – 2019 Salary Ordinance

First Reading of Ordinance 1652 – Amending Parking at Maple and Washington Avenue a sign will be installed outside of the apartment building that parking will only be allowed for Collingswood Arms residents

First Reading of Ordinance 1653- Amending Ch.141 Lighting- an update in language to include newer lighting technology like LED to the ordinance

First Reading Ordinance 1654 – Salary Ordinance amendment for community center position

Resolutions included appointing new members to the Library Board of Trustees

Authorizing Salary Resolution- the actual Salaries for employees

The Next Meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, December 27, 2018 at 10 am in Borough Hall on the 3rd Floor


Other Business:

Recycling Coach App available here: http://www.collingswood.com/living/green_team/recycling_information.php

Collingswood will have updates to the single stream items that will be accepted

Streets Program has areas highlighted for repairs and neighborhood meetings are to be happening for adjacent properties that will be impacted.

Parade Committee needs new people as does the Tree Lighting

There will be another Public Forum about the Police and Fire Facility

Tours will start at 5:30 and start at the Fire House

The Meeting will start at 6:30 in the Ballroom of the Community Center


Public Comment Highlights:

S – question about Jazz event at 6:30pm- check on status of upcoming scheduled events in the community center.  

Is there a redraft in the works for Airbnb? Will it be allowable soon?

E- comment in favor of Airbnb in Collingswood

K- comment about working sessions in Collingswood- having a public caucus that will allow the public to add items to the agenda for Board of Commissioner Meetings

S- Issues with leaves being left on streets and parking hear the speed line. Maybe restrictions on who can park?

A- When will leave pickup stop? Response: Depends on weather, usually the last week of December

W- comment on how Airbnb helps keep neighborhoods maintained

R- comment on how Grand Marshall for Parade should be local.


View The Live Stream Of This Meeting:


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