Collingswood Senior Community Center Ballroom- 2nd Floor

1/7/2019 7:00 pm

The Complete Agenda May Be Seen Here

Ordinances for this meeting:

First Readings

1655- Construction of a Public Works Building

1656- Construction of an Emergency Response Building


Notes On Agenda Items:

Ordinances 1655 and 1656 authorizes applying for funds for the public safety building.

NJ Infrastructure Bank/Trust Reports are available about current loans and debts for all municipalities that are borrowers. https://www.njib.gov/

February 4th meeting will be second reading and vote.

New officers were sworn to service

Resolutions for appointing/ reappointing people in different positions in the Borough.

Recycling stream changes are still causing confusion for residents in how to handle different plastics that are no longer accepted in the single stream program.

The Green Festival will be on April 13th

Public Comment Highlights

A community member asked about the status of the Airbnb ordinance. We were told there is an ordinance in draft, maybe it will be on the agenda for the next month.

The next meeting of the Collingswood Board of Commissioners will be on Monday 2/4/2019 at 7pm at the Collingswood Senior Community Center

Watch The Recorded Live Stream:

This post is postdated. Originally published to this website on 2/12/2019