Collingswood Town Forum Notes 10/17/2018

The semi-annual forum was held at the Community Center on 10/17/2018 at 7 pm. There were about 70 people in attendance. 

Updates From the Commissioners

Leaf pickup has started, but it is still encouraged for residents to mow the clippings into their laws as a fertilizer if possible as part of the Borough’s green initiatives.

Roads are undergoing infrastructure repairs as part of a larger project, which was a goal of Team Collingswood during their campaign.

Citizens should check the Town Crier for dates where their routes may be affected. Meetings are expected on the blocks that will be getting work done closer to the date.

The dredging project at Newton Creek still has ongoing meetings.

The Community Garden was awarded for the 3rd year by the PA Horticultural Society. Awards list here:

St. Pauls Food pantry is looking for donations, especially before Thanksgiving. Reach out with any questions. Donations needed by 11/2 to be available for Thanksgiving.

There is an initiative as part of the Shade Tree Commission to diversify the kinds of trees in town to avoid issues like blight in the future.

There are ideas for Habitat Gardens, which are scattered throughout town. The Perkins Center for the Arts is a new addition.

The County Drug Court has received funding $100,000 from the county which keeps nonviolent offenders out of the regular judicial system. More About Project SAVE here:


Public Question and Comment

Parking- a resident asked about parking issues by the Public Library. If it was possible for the parking lot next to the library, which is owned by the First Baptist Church to be used for the public when using the library.

Paving Required- sidewalks need work due to tree root growth. Residents are advised to call the Shade Tree Commission to be advised on how the issue should be dealt with to avoid the root growing back into the same area.

Off the leash- A resident asked about signage to be erected by the playground area in Knight Park to advise of no off-leash dogs being allowed in the park.

Fly Over- A resident asked when they could do if a neighbor insists on flying a drone over their property. It was advised that Police Chief Kevin Carey should be called.

The Electric Car- PSEG is being consulted about help with adding charging stations for use in parking areas.

Cuthbert construction- not Collingswood, but the traffic jam is no longer an issue as of 11/7/2018.

Police/Emergency Relocation– more meetings are happening. On 11/7/2018 and 12/5/2018 where presentations will be given as a Public Forum that will focus on the design of the building.

Zombie Houses– rehab on houses continues. Banks are mostly stepping up to take care of properties sitting vacant.

School Lunch- Styrofoam trays are being phased out at the schools, but the district is still working on single-use utensils to make the options more green. Still working to encourage restaurants to adopt different packaging.

SWIFT 911 alert system. The system is being used. It is an emergency alert system that is available via the county, with Collingswood as an available subscription. Residents can sign up here

Community Choice Energy– CCA allows for bulk purchase of energy that is from sustainable sources. Looking into New Brunswick as an example of a community who has already done this. The borough already aggregates energy purchases for street lights. Negative point from the Mayor was that residents would be automatically opted -in and may be a surprise to some.

That’s Amore- The restaurant is waiting on insurance claim payments to finish restoration after water damage. Their other location is open in the meanwhile.

Duck, Duck, Goose location – work is going on, should be opening soon.

Have a problem? Alert the Borough via their website:

Don’t miss the next Board of Commissioner’s Meeting On 11/5/2018 at 7pm in the Ballroom of the Community Center.


The video feed may be found here: