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May Fair 2016 In Collingswood, NJ

Huzzah! It is time for the BIGGEST event of the year. The estimated crowd size last year was 50,000 residents and visitors.

Things to Know:

  • Parking will be limited: take a walk if at all possible. Be prepared to pay for parking if you do drive.
  • The Farmers’ Market will be relocated for the day (to help as much as possible with the parking situation)
  • Haddon Avenue will be closed, starting at 6 am

See the map below for more helpful information:

Music- Here’s the band schedule from the Borough’s Website:

Stage #1 – Haddon and Crestmont (Car Zone)
10-10:45am – The Hackbeats (ska and rock)
11-11:40am – The Hackbeats (ska and rock)
12-12:45pm –  Monko (rock)
1-1:40pm     – Monko (rock)
2-2:45pm     – Needlefish (mix-rock/R&B/ska)
3-3:45pm     – Holden and Hess (teen rock)

Stage #2 – Powell Lane (Lumberyard)
10-10:45am – She Hates Me (duo-40s, 50s, 60s)
11-11:40am –  Eve Thomas Trio (jazz)
12-12:45pm – Eve Thomas Trio (jazz)
1-1:40pm     –  Hotsy Totsy (retro inde pop)
2-2:45pm     –  Stolen Moments (fusion/jazz)
3-3:45pm     –  Pearl Street (jazz band)
4-4:45pm     –  Pearl Street (jazz band)

Stage #3 – Haddon and Collings
10-10:45am – Blues Hawks (blues)
11-11:40am – Blues Hawks (blues)
12-12:45pm – Juicy (top 40)
1-1:40pm     – Juicy (top 40)
2-2:45pm     – Bill Walton Band (R&B/rock)
3-3:40pm     – Bill Walton Band (R&B/rock)
4-5pm          – John Torres Band (original rock)

Stage #4 – Haddon and Frazer
10-10:45am  – Hotsy Totsy (retro inde pop)
11-11:45am  – GG and Me (father/daughter acoustic)
12-12:40pm  – Trio Nova (jazz)
1-1:45pm     – Suitcase Murphy (mix-dance/rock/R&B)
2-2:40pm     – Suitcase Murphy (mix-dance/rock/R&B)
3-3:40pm     – Coyote Jack (original rock and blues)
4-5pm          – Coyote Jack (original rock and blues)

Stage #5 – Haddon and Stiles
10-10:45am  –  Barometer (rock)
11-11:40am  –  Barometer (rock)
12-12:40pm  –  Alexis Moldanado (solo acoustic)
1-1:40pm      –  GG and Me (father/daughter acoustic)
2-2:40pm      –  Hotsy Totsy (retro inde pop)
3-3:40pm      –  Mary Hates the Relics (90s band)
4-5pm           –  Mary Hates the Relics (90s band)


May Fair was started in 1979 as a small “clothesline” art exhibit. Look how we’ve grown!

This year over 200 artists and crafters will be selling and displaying their wares. Support your local artists!

Don’t miss the rides, food, and other vendors that help may Mair Fair extra special. Stop into your favorite shop on the ‘Ave. to check out any May Fair specials. Restaurants are also running specials.

Other Attractions

Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market has been moved to Irvin Ave for the day- to make room for all of the vehicles from out-of-towners.

Car Show

Antique and classic cars and motorcycles will be on display. Which is your favorite?